Analysis of gaps between policy-makers and community stakeholders…

Analysis of gaps between policy-makers and community stakeholders in building climate change resilience in dry lands of Malawi: why do interventions fail?

Considering the demand for research information to guide climate change resilience policies, BRECCIA researchers are investigating gaps that exist between policy-makers and community stakeholders on building climate change resilience in Malawi. This research aims to identify the gaps in implementation of resilience interventions that undermine their effectiveness and sustainability.

In order to understand the context of the resilience building challenges, researchers have first focused on understanding climate change vulnerability. This objective aims at identifying factors that determine rural livelihoods’ vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. Knowing the factors and extent of vulnerability is key to enable policy actors in designing and implementation of effective interventions. Applied anthropological methods are being used to collect data. The researcher lived among the local people in Mwango Village under Traditional Authority Jenela in Phalombe district between March and May 2020 to observe and learn their livelihood options and how they are being impacted by climate change. Field notes were compiled on observations that were made coupled with interviews on livelihood activities and impacts of climate change. Local authorities and community members appreciated the importance of the research study, realising that being part of the research will generate specific information on their vulnerability factors, that will inform policy actors to design interventions which in turn will effectively enhance their resilience while promoting sustainable livelihoods. Research findings will enable locals understand their vulnerability context and areas that need interventions. Results will also guide policy interventions to be precise and deliberate to minimize vulnerability while promoting resilience to the impacts of climate change in Malawi.  

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