What is BRECcIA?

BRECcIA was a four year UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) program which aimed to develop research capacity across institutions that is self-sustaining and focused on improving food and water security for the poorest of society.


Our vision was to strengthen research capacity and capabilities in institutions in Malawi, Kenya and Ghana to carry out impactful research that leads to positive policy and practice change for sustainable water and food security, which will have benefits for the 270 million people living in the Sub Saharan Africa drylands.

Our Mission


To enable partner institutions to understand the barriers and enablers to high quality scientific research, and to co-develop a pipeline of capacity-building activities to strengthen research technical and management skills, professional skills, and professional development.


To develop research networks across African institutions around water and food security, and to leverage these to co-design pertinent research questions on key global challenges.


To engage in collaborative research programmes that advance knowledge of food and water security in partner countries, identify solutions to water and food security challenges, and produce a new cohort of trained researchers in this field that are capable of leading and shaping the direction of future research.


To ensure impactful research that influences policy/practice through engagement with regional climate, hydrological and agricultural information providers, and with stakeholders and policy makers at national and local levels to empower local communities.


To facilitate sustained research capacity within partner institutions after the end of the project and to provide opportunities to self-propagate capacity to a broader set of institutions and researchers across Africa.

Our Achievements

Research Projects

BRECcIA has conducted many research projects, more details can be found below.

Scientific Publications

BRECcIA has made many published journals. Click below to see our full library of papers.

Networks established

We established networks across African institutions, which will continue to research into water and food security after the BRECcIA project ends.

Food & Water Security MOOC

We created a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) to help to educate others on our research.

Handbooks & Toolkits

BRECcIA has made pdf handbooks and toolkits on our projects, click below to find out more.

Mapper Tool

BRECcIA made a mapper tool to graphically display relationships on research projects, and to map how people were related before and after projects,.