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As part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) RCUK Collective Fund, the “Growing Research Capability to Meet the Challenges Faced by Developing Countries” programme is ‘one of the most ambitious international research programmes created; with £225 million being invested across 37 interdisciplinary projects’ to address a range of world problems.  The University of Southampton’s project: ‘Building REsearch Capacity for sustainable water and food security In drylands of sub-saharan Africa’ (BRECcIA) is proud to be part of this innovative research cohort. BRECcIA comprises 6 Universities located in 4 countries (UK, Malawi, Kenya and Ghana), and partnerships with 8 international organisations, working on research and capacity development in the coupled areas of water and food security


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breccia, n.

Pronunciation: [brech-ee-uh, bresh- ]/ˈbrɛtʃ i ə, ˈbrɛʃ-/

Etymology: Italian breccia ‘gravel or rubbish of broken walls’ (Florio)

Noun:  (petrology) A rock composed of angular fragments cemented together in a matrix that may be of a similar or a different material.