Capacity Strengthening

Capacity Strengthening

Unusually for a research project, BRECcIA invested 20% (at least) of our budget on Capacity Strengthening/Development. We used this to focus on three key areas:


  • Individual level- including researchers, research leaders and investigators, and those involved with research management and project support. Training was provided from within the team and to the researchers by Vitae , the international organisation realising the potential of researchers.
  • Institutional level – including practice sharing (i.e. around financial and ethical processes) and research management training provided by SARIMA, the Southern African Research and Innovation Management Association.
  • Enabling Environment – focusing on the wider structural support and what the project team needed collectively to achieve its goals across disciplines, countries, and sectors. For example, we engaged with policy officials in the research design and reporting, as well as taking policy maker feedback throughout the project.
    Watch our video on The BRECcIA Way – coming soon!

The BRECcIA Way Video

Watch our video on The BRECcIA Way – coming soon! 


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Capacity Development Toolkit

Use out toolkit on Capacity Strengthening Toolkit – available in July