The usefulness of BRECcIA Training Workshop.

The workshop was two weeks of thought-provoking presentations and discussions, it was so good to have time with everyone sharing ideas and working out the way forward together. It was a packed schedule but very interesting and we had time to bond as a team, which was really important since we’re usually spread out across different countries and organisations. Genevieve Agaba-UK


The most use I have gotten out of this workshop is the networks. I think we under estimated the importance of meeting people faces to face that we have been talking to through Zoom (conference call software), so we have been able to put faces to their names and understand their background. For me it has been building the networks and working in the research projects together. Fiona Ngarachu-Kenya


I have been developed in so many ways. I have been able to link up with different kinds of people, with different pool of skills with professional encounters, now I know who to relate to depending on what kind of subject of research am into, I can draw other skills from other people without necessarily going to pay for skills outside BRECcIA. I now have developed my network with different kind of people from different countries, with different knowledge, skill and background. Moses Asamoah-Ghana


It has been very useful, because we have learnt something new in terms of more technical skills and also professional development, and even personal development in terms of giving you clear direction of your career pathway, both academic and non-academic. Meryl Jagarnath-UK


It was very important because I needed to find people to collaborate with and I got a chance to meet this team, I now know what am doing and am ready for my Masters dissertation. My most interesting session was the gender session, my Master’s dissertation is gender specific. Ailish Craig-UK


I think it was useful because I now have a broader view as a researcher. Initially when I was doing my PHD I did not think of impact, or policy or how to communicate my results but this workshop has broadened my view to research. It has also built my capacity in earth observation, I had a lot of chance to build up my skills in how to present, how to communicate with the people during sessions, it was very helpful. Chengxiu Li- UK


It was quite useful. It has broadened my view of policy-oriented research. I am able to to think through how I can get my research results to influence policy and how to engage policy makers to infleunce their action over research findings. The workshop has also enhanced our collaboration in research projects. Eunice Shame-Malawi


This summer school was important to me because I have learnt a lot about how to conduct research in many aspects such as safety, ethics, data management and sharing, and how our research can be impactful, this was very interesting. I have also learnt a lot about the new technologies liked to remote sensing, hydrological modelling, now I have a big overview of the small research project that everybody is planning to implement within the BRECcIA project. Bernard Minoungou-Burkina Faso


The training has been very useful. I Just joined BRECcIA and some things were still not clear to me but during this meeting a lot has been discussed, it is now clear to me and I now know what is expected of me within the project. I have also networked with ECRs from other countries, Kenya, Ghana and mentors from Southampton, which was very important. It was an eye-opening training, trying to understand what everyone is doing and how best we can work together. Henry Hunga-Malawi





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