Capacity building and variability in the drylands of Ghana and Kenya

Workshop participants with completion certificates

This research and research capacity building project takes a community-engaged approach to researching equity, resilience and livelihoods within the context of land restoration interventions in Ghana and Kenya. We are working in Talensi district in Upper East Region of Ghana and Kitui County in Kenya. With stakeholders we aim to co-design and co-produce research that will inform land restoration policies and strengthen land restoration interventions. As part of our commitment to research capacity building we are facilitating participatory research skills training workshops for local researchers and development practitioners. This includes the workshop we held from 3-6 June in Bolgatanga, Ghana (see photo of participants with workshop completion certificates). The workshop participants, which included stakeholders from government and NGOs, directly contributed to our project’s scoping phase as participants engaged in data collection using the tools (e.g. transect walks, semi-structured interviews, natural resource mapping,) that we provided in-class instruction on.

Team members:

Matt Kandel,

Genevieve Agaba,

Fiona Ngarachu,

Yaw Atiglo,

Meryl Jagarnath,

Rahinatu Alare,

Thomas Addoah