Call for Abstracts: BRECcIA Special Session @ WaterNet 20th Symposium

Addressing food and water security challenges in sub-Saharan Africa using collaborative and interdisciplinary research

WaterNET 20th Symposium, Johannesburg, South Africa, 30th October – 1st November 2019

Integrated Water Resources Development and Management: Leaving No One Behind for Water Security in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Agriculture, food, and water are key sectors for economic development and poverty reduction, and are inextricably linked, therefore they require inter-disciplinary approaches. People living in dryland regions of sub- Saharan Africa are particularly prone to experiencing food and water insecurity due to the harsher environments and lack of alternative livelihood options during times of extreme climatic events. BRECcIA is a collaborative research project aimed at addressing food and water security challenges, involving 6 universities located in 4 countries (UK, Malawi, Kenya, and Ghana), and partnerships with 8 international organizations. The research is designed through meaningful engagement with stakeholders, ranging from local communities to policy makers, and involves bringing together researchers from a wide range of disciplines, from the natural sciences, socialsciences, and humanities, to produce high-quality academic research that is demand-driven and impactful.

In this session, BRECcIA aims to contribute and share its experiences in conducting impactful interdisciplinary research to address food and water security challenges in dryland regions of sub-Saharan Africa. This will stimulate discussions and knowledge sharing among policy-makers, practitioners, and academics to elucidate current understanding on the linkages between food, water, and agriculture and define pressing issues to guide the way forward for inter-disciplinary and impact-orientated water research relevant for sub-Saharan Africa. BRECcIA also welcome contributions from research professionals across all relevant disciplines (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities) to share their practical experiences of conducting research in dryland environments.

Organised by: BRECcIA Project (Building REsearch Capacity for sustainable water and food security In drylands of sub-saharan Africa)

Conveners: Justin Sheffield; Genevieve Agaba; John Obiri; Mawuli Dzodzomenyo; Cosmo Ngongondo; Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema.

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Abstract submission deadline – 30th July 2019.

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