BRECcIA Inception Meeting

The BRECcIA team met in Southampton from 13-17 November 2017 for its Inception Workshop. Partners from Ghana, Malawi and Kenya joined the UK team for four days with the aim to develop their understanding of the project and understand how the team will work together.

The team worked together through conversation cafes, breakout groups and plenary discussions to develop an initial set of collaborative programmatic research themes and associated research questions. A preliminary Work Plan for the Inception phase of the project was developed also.

The team got to know each other and spent time discussing their experience of cross-disciplinary working, expectations and key indicators of success for the project. Time was spent considering the meaning of water and food security, and where the barriers to research currently existed.

The BRECcIA team looks forward to expanding as the project moves forward and more are added to the team, networks are developed and individuals and institutes capacity is enlarged.

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