Regional Centres

Waternet_logo SADC/Waternet: Building capacity for water resources management in southern Africa. WaterNet is a regional network of university departments and research and training institutes specialising in water. The network aims to build regional institutional and human capacity in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through training, education, research and outreach by harnessing the complementary strengths of member institutions in the region and elsewhere. WaterNet member institutions have expertise in various aspects of water resources management and are based in Southern and East Africa.

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The AGRHYMET Regional Center is a specialised institution in West-Africa, created and mandated by thirteen member states to provide operational information for decision making in the area of food security early warning and disaster risk management in the Sahelian and West-African region. After more than 40 years of existence, AGRHYMET’s scope of activities covers the whole seventeen West Africa and Sahel countries, thanks to several initiatives it has been implementing on behalf of the Economic Commission of West African States (ECOWAS) on food security and environmental issues, including climate change. The AGRHYMET system was formally designated a Public International Organization in accordance with the requirements of ADS 308 by USAID.

Meet the BRECcIA AGRHYMET project team here.