Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology – Staff

Prof John Obiri, Director, Directorate of Postgraduate Studies (Graduate School) / Associate Professor of Natural Resource Management

Prof John Obiri’s background is in forestry and natural resource management and has worked in several collaborative research projects in most of the key forests of Africa. These include the wet tropical forests of East Africa (e.g. Budongo, Kakamega); West African forests (Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire), the coastal scarp forests of South Africa, Miombo dry woodland forests in Tanzania, Malawi and the swampy mangrove forests on the eastern seaboard of Kenya and South Africa. He is currently involved in Disaster Risk Reduction in environmental systems, food security and climate change. Among these is the understanding and reduction of invasive plants and trees in tropical forest ecosystems. This is coupled to the use of forest ecosystems in climate change mitigation and adaptation by utilizing the potential differential capacity of tree species to sequestered and maintain carbon stocks in forestry and agroforestry systems.