University of Kenyatta – Staff

Prof. Chris A Shisanya, Professor

Chris Shisanya is Full Professor of Agroclimatology in the Department of Geography at Kenyatta University. Prof. Shisanya earned his B.ED (Science) (Hons) degree at the University of Nairobi and his MSc. in Climatology at Kenyatta University and PhD in Agroclimatology at Trier University, Germany. He has worked in the Department of Geography at Kenyatta University since 1988. His current areas of research interest include: climate change and adaptation, climate change and human development, climate change and security, integrated soil fertility management, integrated watershed management and systems analysis. He is a prolific researcher having won over 45 national and international research grant awards. He has over 80 peer-reviewed Journal publications and 10 book titles. He serves on the Editorial Boards of various Academic Scientific Journals. He has successfully implemented two EU-funded projects. Recently, he completed co-authoring the UNDP funded 7THKenya National Human Development Report with the theme “Climate Change and Human Development: Harnessing Opportunities“.


Prof. Joy Apiyo Obando, Associate Professor

Joy Obando is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography, Kenyatta University Kenya. She is a Co-Investigator in the BRECcIA Project. She is involved in research, training and community outreach. She has facilitated and mentored early career scientists through grant writing activities. Currently her research focuses on watershed management and water (in) security. She is involved in mentoring initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of the next generation of academicians.


Dr. Fiona Wairimu Ngarachu, Post-doctoral research fellow

Fiona works on the BRECcIA project in Kenyatta University under the policy and capacity building theme. The key focus in her current role is to undertake research that helps us to understand policy making agendas, processes and mechanisms concerning food and water security in Kenya, Malawi and Ghana. Fiona is also the Kenya stakeholder country coordinator working with a number of partners to ensure that stakeholder priorities are integrated within the project. One of the ways Fiona is doing this is by responding to identified policy makers’ needs for capacity around food and water security policy by conducting a capacity needs assessment as well as co-designing an intervention to address the policy makers’ capacity gaps. Fiona has previously conducted both qualitative and quantitative research around refugee resettlement and reproductive health.