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University of Southampton: A research-intensive university and a founding member of the prestigious Russell Group, the University of Southampton is the lead partner on the BRECcIA project.

Professor Justin Sheffield
 Professor of Hydrology and Remote Sensing, Geography and Environment

Professor Justin Sheffield is the Principal Investigator for the BRECcIA project. He has led, co-led and contributed to a number of research projects over the past 20 years, many of which involved collaborative working across disciplines. Most recently these have been focused on understanding the role of hydrological science for improving water and land management for improving water and food security in developing regions, and for mitigating the impacts of hydrological extremes through monitoring and early warning. His research is focused on large-scale hydro-climatology: the interactions between terrestrial hydrology and climate variability and change. He is particularly interested in research on hydrological extremes such as floods and droughts, what are their driving mechanisms, what are their impacts, and how they can be predicted.

Professor Jadu Dash, Professor in Remote Sensing, Geography and Environment

Professor Dash has existing research collaborations with several leading research organisations across the world including the NASA, European Space Agency, the Chinese Academy of Science, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), Italy, and the Indian Institute of technology (IIT). He is a professor in remote sensing and Director of research for the Geography and Environment academic unit. His current research objective is to exploit the opportunities provided by the current and future Earth observation satellite missions (e.g. European Space Agency’s Sentinel programme) to monitor the state of terrestrial ecosystems through quantifying vegetation amount and conditions. In particular using these data to (i) answer key scientific questions related to quantifying and understanding the changes in terrestrial carbon cycle and (ii) provide national scale policy relevant information on agriculture management.

Dr Jim Wright, Associate Professor, Geography and Environment

Dr Wright’s current research looks at interventions to widen access to safe drinking-water and support the monitoring of this issue in low and middle income countries. Most recently, he has become interested in safe drinking-water access in urban areas, and livestock and drinking-water contamination. He often uses geospatial data manipulation and analysis, particularly when it comes to monitoring. He has worked in sub-Saharan Africa since the mid-1990s. His current projects focus on urban groundwater quality management in Ghana and on the management of livestock-related water contamination in Kenya.

Dr Julie Reeves, Researcher Developer – Lecturer in Academic Practice (Research)

Julie Reeves is currently the Researcher Developer at the University of Southampton, designing and delivering training and development programmes for doctoral researchers, research and academic staff. Currently, she is researching and reflecting on organisational development and appropriate models of development for higher education.


Professor Laura Lewis, Professor of Anthropology, Modern Languages and Linguistics

Professor Lewis is an ethnographer whose research is broadly on race in Mexico and the African Diaspora in Latin America. In relation to these themes, she also researches and writes on gender; slavery; colonialism and nationalism; migration and transnationalism; visual and material culture, and place. Her most recent book is based on long-term ethnographic fieldwork in an Afro-Indigenous rural agricultural village in the southern Pacific coastal region of the state of Guerrero in Mexico (the ‘Costa Chica’). Currently, she is looking at race concepts and transnational practices among 1st and 2nd generation young adults living in the urban United States whose families are from this village.
Kings College London: The Geography department at KCL combines both human and physical Geography and is policy focussed relating to modern environmental and urban issues.

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Dr Kate Schreckenberg, Reader of Development Geography

Dr Kate Schreckenberg is a researcher with a special interest in natural resource governance and the institutional arrangements that deliver equitable and just development. She works predominantly with mixed methods, including participatory research techniques, value chain approaches, household surveys and natural resource inventories