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The ethics of co-production and the role of consortia research in resilience-building

By Matt Kandel, University of Southampton

On 26 September 2018 BRECcIA Researcher and Resilience Theme member, Matt Kandel, attended the workshop, ‘Ethics of co-production: the role of research in resilience-building’ at Kings College London (KCL).  The KCL workshop, which was co-chaired by Emma Visman (KCL Senior Researcher/independent consultant) and Mark Pelling (Professor of Geography and GCRF Challenge Leader, Resilience to Environmental Shocks and Change Portfolio), carried particular salience for BRECcIA given its overlap with some of our project’s key themes: principally, the co-design and co-production of research, and resilience-building within the context of climate change.

Panel discussion at ‘The ethics of co-production and the role of consortia research in resilience-building’ workshop, KCL, 26 Sept ’18

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UK-Africa Food Security Symposium 2018

University of Southampton BRECcIA researchers, Genevieve Agaba and Matt Kandel, were sponsored by Biotek Foundation to attend the UK-Africa Food Security Symposium on 11-12th September 2018 at the University of Cambridge. Panel sessions included discussions around how regional and international research partnerships can be designed to help tackle food insecurity in Africa.  Another discussion point centred on how these partnerships can be leveraged to build capacity for research in tertiary education institutions.

Carol Ibe, Founder of Biotek Foundation, opening the Symposium. © Genevieve Agaba, September 2018.

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